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Schwank Launches Stylish New Patio Heater for the Hospitality Sector

Schwank Launches Stylish New Patio Heater for the Hospitality Sector

Schwank, a world market leader in the manufacture of gas-fired infrared radiant heaters, has launched lunaSchwank, its newest product range for heating the outside areas, patios and terraces at all types of hospitality venue.

Many hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes in the UK and overseas have already benefited from Schwank’s high performance, energy efficient gas-fired outdoor heaters. lunaSchwank is an exciting new development for management and customers alike, combining the latest advances in radiant heating technology with elegant cutting-edge design.

Capable of being wall mounted or installed on an overhead structure, lunaSchwank heaters are not intrusive so, unlike conventional mushroom patio heaters, do not take up valuable terrace space. This offers hospitality venues the opportunity to create more covers and open areas.

Schwank’s new patio heaters, which run on natural gas but can also operate with propane or butane gas, offer average energy savings of 62% when compared with conventional patio heating systems. This means that they contribute both cost and environmental benefits to locations where they are installed.

Further benefits of lunaSchwank heaters include:

o Comfortable heat can be activated by a single switch and felt almost immediately

o Heat is distributed uniformly even across large terraces without the separated hot spots associated with mushroom heaters

o 2-stage modulation able to reduce heating temperature by half, cutting energy consumption and adding to customer comfort

o Like previous ranges of Schwank patio heaters, lunaSchwank is ideal for all weathers, incorporating a highly effective rain protection hood and Schwank’s unique WindSecure system, which ensures that the heater’s flame is almost completely wind resistant; a great asset particularly in coastal and windy areas

Gas-fired infrared radiant heaters generate radiation which is transferred into heat once it reaches objects and people. So the air is not heated directly and heat is felt almost instantaneously.

The lunaSchwank range, which will be sold alongside the well-established Schwank terrasSchwank patio heaters, comprises three fully pre-assembled models measuring 752mm, 936mm and 1120mm in width.

Steve Sherman, Managing Director of Schwank UK, explained that lunaSchwank heaters are remarkably easy to install and will require minimum maintenance.

“Since many hospitality venues already use natural gas for cooking, a connection to the network is easy. With Schwank gas-fired infrared patio heaters, installation and operating costs can be frequently paid off within a few months through increased revenues from enhanced customer facilities,” he said.

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