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County Durham Hotel and Golf Club Benefit from BoilerMag XL and Water Treatment

County Durham Hotel and Golf Club Benefit from BoilerMag XL and Water Treatment

A prestigious hotel and golf club in County Durham has recently been fitted with a new boiler, including a BoilerMag XL magnetic boiler filter by Enright Environmental Ltd. The heating system and boiler circuit was also treated with the BM1 inhibitor chemical to maintain the heating efficiency by preventing scale formulation and metal corrosion.

Onsite installer and Enright Environmental Ltd heating engineer Adrian Mills said: “Due to the age of the heating system in the hotel and golf club, we decided to fit the new boiler after the old one had burst, using a plate heat exchanger to keep the boiler separate from the circulating water. The system consisted of a heating circuit, as well three large hot water cylinders at a capacity of 1000L each.

We treated the boiler circuit with BM1 water treatment and fitted a BoilerMag XL filter to the circulating water in order to prevent the build-up of ferrous oxide and scale in the central heating system. There are three boilers in the system altogether, and the other two will probably need replacing in the very near future. We intend to fit the new boilers in a similar manner, including BoilerMag magnetic boiler filters and BM1 inhibitor chemicals.”

Adrian adds: “As regular users of BoilerMag products, we continue to use them with the utmost confidence in their capability of protecting and improving hot water circuits.”

The BM1 chemical inhibitor is a high performance formula that effectively maintains heating efficiency by preventing scale formulation and metal corrosion, without causing any detrimental effects on the plastic or rubber plumbing components such as seals. It is a Borate/Phosphate free formula that provides outstanding heating system protection with none of the adverse effects associated with traditional protection products.

The BoilerMag XL commercial heating system filter is a cost effective option for heating efficiency and boiler protection in commercial, retail, or large residential properties. Compatible with 1 1/2” fittings and pressures up to 12 bar, the BoilerMag XL is easy to install and maintain. Find out more at

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