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Free NEC4 Webinar to Explore Key Changes to Next Generation Service Contracts

Free NEC4 Webinar to Explore Key Changes to Next Generation Service Contracts

Facilities and project management professionals are being invited to attend a NEC webinar on 15th November, highlighting significant changes made to service contracts in NEC4, following feedback that users are utilising the forms on larger projects than before.

Ross Hayes, Consultant for Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP and Ben Walker, founder of the cloud-based CEMAR system will host the event, providing detailed advice and guidance on how the new Service Contracts have been adapted to maintain the consistent NEC4 approach, following their launch in June this year. Both were directly involved in the drafting of the NEC4 service contracts.

The webinar will be highlighting the overall changes made to the service contracts, as well as focusing in detail on the specific changes that are special to the Term Service Contract (TSC) and the Professional Service Contract (PSC), considering key issues such as task orders, accounting periods and the new schedules of cost components.

Other changes which will be discussed are the new ‘X options’ available, the introduction of the service manager into the Professional Service Contract, as well as the inclusion of a Defined Cost process, which enables far closer integration of all teams on a single procurement project.

In addition the webinar will outline the vital changes made to other service contracts such as the NEC4 Dispute Resolution Service Contract (DRSC) - known previously as the NEC3 Adjudicator’s Contract, and it will allow an exclusive opportunity to discuss the new contracts with Ben and Ross.

Ross explains: “While many have previously associated NEC contracts with engineering projects, use of the NEC for facilities management is becoming increasingly widespread.

“The new contracts have taken into account industry feedback, with the changes made putting a priority on streamlining processes and reducing the potential for problems that FM professionals face.

“The changes have allowed the Term Service Contract and the Professional Service Contract to be used on much larger projects than before, as they can new provide better integration across all users.

To book a place on the NEC4 Service Contracts webinar, register at:

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