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Can We Speak About The 'C' Word?

Can We Speak About The 'C' Word?

Surely it's late enough in the year to mention Christmas now? But is Christmas a dreaded nightmare for FMs? efig members can make it easy for you and you'll be excited to welcome it in all its glory onto your premises.

Well who wouldn't want someone to take care of the design, the organisation, the installation and be mindful of H&S requirements, site risk assessments, equipment safety checking and waste management? Perhaps even more importantly, a company which will break down Christmas when the festivities are complete too.

The process

Our experts usually start talking to clients earlier in the year to talk through requirements, design ideas and colour-ways. Past installations show that they can come up with anything from simple reception decorations to huge, show-stopping displays around the building and outside lights and trees too.

Decorated Christmas trees are of course, a favourite. These come in all shapes and sizes, artificial and real. From a fairly standard 7ft to a 42 footer installed at Fortnum and Mason at St Pancras International by one of our members.

The installation will be made as far as possible to meet your requirements; this might be overnight or over a weekend, depending on the size of the displays.

Just plants

Maybe you just want some simple decorations for your reception desk? There are plenty of plants which are associated with Christmas or make a good show in traditional colours.

One of the most obvious plants which is certainly synonymous with Christmas is the Poinsettia, or the Christmas Star. This beauty originates from Mexico originally; its 'flowers' are actually coloured bracts! Of course, it's available in the obligatory red but also in white and pinks too. It is very sensitive to the cold but we can advise the best place for the best show.

We are currently showcasing some award winning installations on our website which will give you ideas for what can be achieved from festive scenes to huge trees; repetitive decorations to super-scale ones; traditional to 'out of the ordinary' contemporary ideas.

Other plants that come to mind for a Christmassy feel include the heart-shaped Anthurium. Its wax-like flowers come in shades of red, a mix of red and green, and white all of which are perfect for traditional and contemporary Christmas displays.

Simple, delicate-looking Cyclamen are also perfect to evoke that Christmas feeling especially en-masse.

Of course any plant can enjoy a Christmas makeover with the addition of baubles or glittery accessories.

Terrariums are also popular now and many of our members offer these either planted or with snow scenes.

One thing's for sure, efig members can certainly take the headache out of Christmas decorating. Check out those in your area at our website.

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