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Priva Calls For Joined-Up Thinking to Support Preservation of UK’s Architectural Heritage

Priva Calls For Joined-Up Thinking to Support Preservation of UK’s  Architectural Heritage

As the latest statistics show the importance of local heritage to the community

The latest Heritage and Society report from Historic England makes for interesting reading. It reviews the vital role our heritage buildings play in UK life and demonstrates their importance to the public, over and above their role in tourism and promotion of Brand UK.

The report's evidence is unequivocal; 93% of us say local heritage impacts positively on quality of life, and there's an economic impact, as the wellbeing value of visiting heritage sites has been calculated as equivalent to £1,646 per person per year.

It all adds up to a compelling story; protecting the fabric of historic and listed buildings is of great importance to local communities and therefore, the ultimate priority for those charged with building conservation.

“If older buildings are what people value, we must protect these spaces,” comments Gavin Holvey, UK & Ireland Sales Manager at Priva.

“We work closely with building managers and conservationists to do just that; our building controls help to keep the internal climate at the right levels. Using such technologies improves building efficiency and reduces emissions, through greater control of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning services.

“Priva is on a mission to help conservators and heritage organisations optimise the internal environments of special spaces, without impacting on the fabric of the building. However, there are still those in conservation sector who may be unaware that it is possible to futureproof heritage buildings with the same control-based technologies found in modern structures,” says Mr Holvey.

Technology’s role in conservation

Priva’s technology, which is in use at sites such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Rosslyn Chapel, is delivering significant energy savings, improved indoor climate conditions, for visitor comfort and easier monitoring of energy use.

This in turn means that our listed buildings last longer, offering up beauty and enjoyment further into the future. Given some of the statistics in Historic England's report, doing such work is vital – the report notes that 80% of us think local heritage makes an area a better place to live; another 73% of us agree the UK government has a moral obligation to protect heritage.

And, 85% agree the quality of the built environment makes a difference to the way they feel. Such evidence makes the case for Priva's leadership in futureproofing heritage buildings even stronger.

“Our technology keeps these buildings alive,” concludes Mr Holvey. “And in so doing, we drastically improve the quality of human life too. It's a fantastic example of how energy and buildings control work holistically to benefit people, their historic buildings and the environment.”

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