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RWM 2017 – where FM markets meet

RWM 2017 – where FM markets meet

Bigger, better and more collaborative, the UK’s premier event dedicated to Energy, Water, Recycling, Renewables and Waste Management is tailor-made for the expanding role of facilities managers. RWM Event director Nicola Meadows previews the show.

It’s no secret that the role of facilities managers has expanded exponentially in the last decade – with FMs becoming increasingly critical in an organisation’s use of all inbound and outbound resources. The decisions they make regarding energy, water and waste management not only have significant impacts on the facilities they manage, but have far wider socio-economic effects when scaled up to the FM industry as a whole.

As we move towards the circular economy model, which sees materials form part of a complex cycle of re-use rather than a linear produce-consume-dispose model, supply chains are becoming increasingly interconnected. Finding solutions to the challenge of resource management has never been easier for FMs, and the expanded RWM 2017 event, run in partnership with the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), offers a unique opportunity to connect with the entire FM supply chain, share knowledge and explore new opportunities.

Visitors from key organisations across are already registered to attend, including influencers from National Grid, Skanska, British Steel, the NHS, and Tesco. Multiple universities and local councils are also attending, including local council representatives from Belfast, London, the north west and north east of England, and the Midlands.

One Planet Living

The umbrella concept is RWM’s One Planet Living mission, which champions the better management and supply of the world’s resources in an increasingly interconnected world. Divided into six zones – Supply & Demand; Energy from Waste; Recyclers & Reprocessors; Handling & Logistics; Data, Tech & Services; and Machinery & Equipment – the show will also feature an Innovation Hub, where exhibitors and start-up companies showcase the latest, most innovative ideas in the market.

Two new zones for 2017 are Supply & Demand – which is the home for networking, learning and business opportunities in the UK energy and water markets – and Data, Tech & Services – which covers smart, practical software solutions to modern and future logistical challenges, with a focus on quality data and supporting services.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Department for International Trade is returning to RWM 2017 to offer visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to gain insight and advice about exporting products and internationalising their business.

Visitor trails

Visitors to the new-look RWM 2017 will also be able to efficiently plan their day and expand their scope for networking and business opportunities by exploring the show’s event trails – the Energy Solutions Trail, the Water Marketplace Trail, the Local Authority Trail, the New Exhibitor Discovery Trail and the Great British Trail. These visitor discovery trails are simple, time-saving tools that can help ensure every moment spent at the show counts – maximising the potential for commercial gain.

The for instance, the Local Authority Trail highlights all exhibitors and content relevant to those responsible for waste management and resource, legislative issues. Municipal waste management strategy and best practice is explored, together with exhibitors and content relevant to managers of fleets of vehicles. Exhibitors on the Local Authority Trail include BeNomad, Wales Government, and EPower Trucks. This trail will also link visitors to key speaker sessions in the Municipal & Materials Recovery Theatre.

There will also be the opportunity to have some fun at RWM 2017 by making use of the four-hole Pitch & Putt crazy golf course and bar at the back of Hall Five, sponsored by Adtrak. It’s a great way to network in a relaxed setting away from the hubbub of the main show.

For more information about RWM 2017, including registration, please visit:

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