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Is your office space the most effective it could be?

Is your office space the most effective it could be?

Activity based working (ABW) is a growing trend for many employers seeking to provide comfortable and productive workspaces for staff. For teams to carry out different tasks such as learning, focusing, collaborating and socialising, the design and interior layout of your office should be given careful consideration, including the type of furniture within it. Lockers, cupboards and office drawers should all remain secure and lockable in ‘agile’ working areas. Easy to fit lockable cabinets provide the ideal solution, and replace standard cam locks.

You can also increase productivity by improving the office space and working environment for your staff. A study carried out at Exeter University highlights that employees who actively engage with their surroundings are better workers and can be up to 38% more productive when plants are added into their work space.

Smartening up your work space

Optimising office space so that employees can move around in safety and have access to various types of working areas, such as quiet rooms, shared desks, secure IT facilities and client meeting rooms, demands various levels of access control and physical security measures. For example:

• Flexible working areas in which BYOD are used require secure storage areas for devices when not in use.

• Information sharing may be restricted on a ‘need-to-know’ basis and therefore private meeting areas are needed.

• IT server rooms containing sensitive data storage equipment require restricted and monitored access.

Compliance is often the number one priority for many managers tasked with ensuring business operations run smoothly. Health and safety, data security and access control all require adherence and careful management. Smart locks not only simplify access control but offer the flexibility and convenience of providing a range of entry methods such as a push button, code or smart card. It allows building managers to give employees appropriate access permission by generating one-time, disposable entry codes. Access can be tracked instantly via an audit trail, giving managers instant access to detailed logs.

Access management control procedures can also be simplified with features such as multi-factor authentication, secure remote access, risk-based/adaptive security and granular password management.

How are you protecting your data?

Open plan offices are common as businesses look to maximise space, reduce leasing costs and consolidate sites. While space-sharing may help create a more sociable and productive environment, the requirement for secure storage areas becomes increasingly important.

With the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) businesses are required to implement more stringent security measures by introducing ‘privacy-by-design’ into their workflow. Essentially businesses must demonstrate adequate data security measures are in place or risk facing severe financial penalties. This might involve the introduction of encryption software for sensitive data however, simply by providing lockable cabinets to store documents and devices will demonstrate compliance.

Some workspaces may have multiple occupants coming and going at different times throughout the day and night. Take data centres for example. Some of these colocation facilities provide 24/7 client access for managed hosting and require individual access to secure servers, cabinets and lockers. Key management for such facilities can be a challenge for any security or facilities manager. With keyless locking systems, access is gained via a simple keypad code which can be easily retrofitted to existing areas and managed by a master code should codes need to be deleted or reset.

Case study

Peer 1 introduced Codelocks keyless KitLock cabinet locks into several UK and US-based data centres, allowing customers greater control of access to sensitive equipment and help protect its data.

Now is the time to make plans to meet new data protection regulation being introduced in 2018 and increase productivity for your business.

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