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Improve your organisation’s brainpower this Nutrition and Hydration Week

Improve your organisation’s brainpower this Nutrition and Hydration Week

Today marks the start of Nutrition and Hydration Week (13 - 19 March 2017). This yearly awareness campaign aims to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally, both at home and in the workplace.

To mark the annual campaign, the change management workplace consultants at Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) are encouraging employees and employers alike to consider how hydration and nutrition impacts our ability to think and function.

A collection of studies, solely looking at causal relations between factors and effects, has revealed that the provision of food and drink can affect cognitive performance. Malnutrition impacts many brain functions, including information processing and memory. Not drinking enough impacts the brain as well as the body – memory, decision-making and attention are all impacted by dehydration.

Andrew Mawson, founder and director of AWA’s cognitive research programme, suggests that in order to get the best out of people, and to tap into the factors that influence cognitive performance, business leaders need to consider the role of facilities and the workspace, and the ways and means of educating employees so they can be their best, every day of the week:

“This research is about creating the right conditions for people’s cognitive performance to be at its very best and this work will have the greatest impact in knowledge-based organisations,” explained Mawson. “If everyone within an organisation worked at their very best, then the impact on an organisation’s productivity and bottom line would be enormous.”

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