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LundHalsey: Defining the Future With a New Brand

LundHalsey: Defining the Future With a New Brand

We are very proud to announce the new LundHalsey brand and website – a modern and bold new take on our existing brand. We are also pleased to introduce two new products; the Kontrol Command and height adjustable Kontrol Command.

Our new look is a visual extension of over three decades of LundHalsey, encompassing all of our experience and heritage as the global market leader of Control Room Solutions. The new look comes not only as a celebration of over 30 years in business, but also as the new seal of our renowned, exceptional quality and service.

While our brand, logo and tagline have evolved to better represent LundHalsey today, we remain the same company and continue to design and manufacture in the UK, where we combine our forward-thinking innovation and exceptional service to provide our clients with unrivalled console solutions

See For Yourself

We are very excited by our new brand and products and hope you are too. Please visit our new website, and we would love to hear your feedback so please send us a message.

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Lund Halsey

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